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hey guys i’m not rly into the furry community or nothing but i’m gonna start drawing porn for money. so if anyone wants the url of my nsfw blog under another alias just send me an ask and i’ll give you the url

ALSO I REACHED 100 FOLLOWERS will likely do a giveaway soon

Filo for Mel!

This didn’t come out quite as cool as I wanted to, but I hope you like this pic of ur manimal drunk in his natural habitat (the kitchen floor).


reuben’s washed up cat boy =^n_n^=

the perfect shanks

pbc babies

Isn’t life just a bummer sometimes? It’s so annoying when your organs force themselves out of your stomach, ripping your skins and sinews as it goes. It’s even worse when it continues to undulate and pulsate, producing the sickening squelching noise of raw, bloody flesh rubbing against raw, bloody flesh and begins to grow a horrifying hungry maw.

What a bad day.

Happy 20th Birthday to my lady, Jester!! Go check out her cool projects and stuff if you haven’t, she’s super creative and sweet.

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#019 and #020: tiny cute rat and THREE FOOT TALL WITH GIANT FANGS CUTE RAT < 3

all of dimitri’s friends are different brands of alcohol or camille

some draws of my oc dimitri who i prolly havent drawn properly since 2012

hey boys do you like CHEESE FRIES ; ) ; ) ; )happy birthday skitty

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#016 - 018: too many feathers do not make me draw more feathers